Agricultural Research Project

Justification:  As a result of gradual introduction of irrigation in the GAP region, there will be a radical change in crop patterns, farming techniques, stock breeding and in fact agricultural production as a whole. Eventually, 1.7 million hectares of land will be brought under irrigation. Knowing in advance which type of crops can be adapted to the region will facilitate short, medium and longer term planning of relevant institutions and agencies. This entails training of farmers; provision of appropriate seed, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and details related to the processing and marketing of crops.

Goal: Identifying systems of production most suitable to ecological, economic and marketing conditions in the GAP Region and reporting of relevant scientific findings.

Objective: Conduct of necessary agricultural research and development services in order to ensure that agricultural potential to be created in the region of South-eastern Anatolia as a result of irrigation is utilized in best possible ways.

Activities Conducted: Under the project, research activities are going on since 1989 jointly with relevant research institutions including Harran University Faculty of Agriculture, Siirt University, Adıyaman University, Gaziantep University, Dicle University Faculty of Agriculture and GAP Agricultural Research Institute.

Also under the same project, relevant research-development projects are given support in order to utilize in best possible way the agricultural potential to emerge in the GAP Region following irrigation. In the period 2009-2018, 28 projects were supported in the GAP Region under the project.