Irrigation Investments Impact Assessment Project

Starting and ending dates of the project according to investment schedule: 2015-2019

Justification: It is expected that economic output of the region will increase by 4.5 times and about 3.8 million people will be provided employment opportunities as a result of high agricultural and industrial potential to emerge upon the completion of the GAP Project. However, the sector of agriculture cannot meet these expectations at present due to some problems including excessive irrigation, deadlocks in marketing, high cost of pumped irrigation, etc.


  • Establishment of a management information system specific to individual units of each irrigation project and irrigation area,
  • Optimization of agricultural system with respect to enterprise size with due account of ecologic, economic, social and technical constraints (input provision in crop farming and animal husbandry, crop processing, marketing, etc.),
  • Development of technical, economic and policy tools to help attain expected outcomes.

Objective: Presenting the outcome of work mentioned above to decision makers.

The project is being carried out together with relevant institutions and agencies including DSİ (State Hydraulic Works), MoFAA (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry) and Ankara University.