Project on Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agriculture-Based Industry

Starting and Ending Years: 2017- 2019

Project Duration: 3 years

Funding Source: National Budget (GAP RDA)

Implementing Agency: GAP-RDA, UNDP

Goal: Contributing to the competitive power of the region by ensuring more effective and efficient utilization of production factors and resources in agriculture and agriculture-based industry in the GAP Region.


The project aims to develop and extend models for the most efficient utilization of resources, including water and energy in the first place, in agriculture as one of the leading economic sectors in the region and in processing of agricultural products along with increasing efficiency in primary production and processing.

Expected Outputs:

  • Identification of the present state in the region of South-eastern Anatolia in agriculture and agriculture-based industry with reference to global and national trends and comparisons 
  • Setting the strategic framework of integrated resource efficiency in agriculture and agriculture-based industry 
  • Developing scalable and repeatable models for enhancing resource efficiency by implementing pilot projects 
  • Giving sustainability to project impact by laying the ground for sustainability


  • Field analysis of 7 products continues within the scope of on Integrated Resource Efficiency in Agriculture and Agriculture-Based Industry with GAP renewable energy and energy efficiency R & D center (YENEV)
  • “Resource Efficiency in Agriculture-Based Industry” financial support program announced with Karacadağ Development Agency and the eligible projects for support were published on the Development Agency website. Project implementations have started.
  • Capacity building activities carry out for cotton producers and agricultural production specialists with Good Cotton Practices Association.