Project on Management, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems in the GAP Region

Project Starting and Ending Dates According to Investment Schedule: 2015-2019

Justification:  Addressing technical problems such as additional burden on the state as a result of expanding irrigation areas, water losses and salinization, and completing organizational work as the ultimate goal of the project.

Goal: Identifying suitable models for the management, operation and maintenance of irrigation projects to be implemented in the GAP Region; selecting those which are most fit for the region; implementing and evaluating outcomes of selected models; making suggestions for corrections or improvement; promoting adopted solutions and providing necessary technical and administrative structure.

Objective: Increasing incomes in irrigated farming sector in the GAP region and sustaining it.

Activities Conducted: Identified pilot areas are as follows: Atatürk Dam, Ceylan, Cullap and Tatarhöyük Irrigation Union areas in Şanlıurfa; Kayacık Dam Irrigation Union Area in Gaziantep; Güzelgöl Irrigation Union Area in Diyarbakır and Left Bank Irrigation Union Area in Batman. Practices and demonstrations were on management, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems and irrigated farming agronomy to prepare farmers for irrigation practices.

The following activities also take place under the project:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of demonstrations launched in areas brought under irrigation,

  • Setting demonstration areas for the promotion of modern farming techniques and technologies,

  • Organizing technical visits to other parts of the country where there are advanced farming practices to have farmers share some skills and experience,

  • Building institutional capacity in irrigation unions existing in pilot areas.