Reforestation and Erosion Control Project

Justification: Forest cover in the GAP Region remains far below the country average and the remaining forest resources are badly managed and largely destroyed. Erosion is a threat in the region while economic life of dams is getting shorter. In addition, ever shrinking pasture land and inundation of endemic plant species by dam lakes call for intervention.

Goal: Protection, rehabilitation, expansion and efficient and multi-purpose management of forest resources in the GAP Region; collection of endemic plant species to remain under dam lakes and their reproduction; protection and rehabilitation of pastures, and reforestation of land around dams to extend their economic life against sedimentation.


  • Reforestation and erosion control in the GAP Region in general,
  • Collection at a centre and reproduction of endemic plant species that are on the verge of extinction,
  • Rehabilitation of pasture land to close forage gaps,
  • Rehabilitation of a micro catchment around Atatürk Dam through a grassroots approach with the participation of local people to restore the disturbed balance between soil, water and plant,
  • Creation of a protective belt by reforesting areas exposed to erosion,
  • Identification of endemic species around Birecik and Karkamış Dam Lakes,
  • Reforestation along the main conveyance channel.

Activities Conducted:  The project is implemented in line with principles set by the protocol of cooperation acted by the Ministry of Forestry, Turkish Foundation for Erosion Control, Reforestation and Protection of Natural Properties (TEMA) and GAP Administration.

For the protection and improvement of forest resources in the GAP Region about 1,006 hectares of land was planted 1,212,023 saplings. In the period 2009-2018, 11 projects were supported in the GAP Region under the project.