Social Cohesion between Syrian and Host Communities in Turkey through Women's Empowerment Project

The project aims to pilot strengthening of social cohesion among Syrian and host communities in Turkey through women's empowerment and is implemented in coorperation with GAP Regional Development Administration and UNDP, funded by UNDP.

The project will be composed of activities addressing (i) social and economic capability building of Syrian and host community women; (ii) social cohesion and integration among two communities and (iii) design and implementation of pilot social care and social support services. More specifically; the project will conduct detailed assessment of the social conditions in which Syrian women live in and their needs to participate in productive activities. In response, the project will provide, trainings (social and economic capability building), consultancy and mentoring services as well as social service support for the target groups. Ultimately this will help their social integration for the duration they live in Turkey and contribute to social cohesion.

The project budget is 300.000 USD and duration is18 months, between March 2019-July 2020.