Strengthening of Social Stability in Southeastern Anatolia Region

The project was implemented by GAP Regional Development Administration between March 2016-July 2018 with the technical support of UNDP and funded by Government of Japan. The project aims to achieve strengthened stability through increased livelihoods opportunities and better municipal services in Southeast Anatolia in the Syrian crisis context. The project is composed of two components that aim to contribute to the social stability in Southeast Anatolia. The project budget was 10.1 million $ and duration was 12 month. 

The project was developed to respond to the increasingly reported facts and observation that the capacities of local service providers are overstretched, reducing their capability to deliver services to their constituents and that the labor market cannot meet the demand for jobs as a result of the increased number of inhabitants and influx of Syrians living in the Southeast Anatolia Region, which is already a disadvantaged region in terms of labor market indicators.

Project achieved its targets related to employability of Syrian population through provision of vocational training and competency development programmes that the local agricultural sector, manufacturing sector and the services sector are in need as well as improving local value chains and local production ecosystems and infrastructures for diversified and enhanced livelihood opportunities.