The need for planning and project development presently constitutes a bottleneck to be overcome in terms of both development targets specified in the GAP Master Plan and ensuring that the present process of urbanisation follows a sound track. The objective of the project is to prepare base maps (large scale maps; 1:1000 and 1:5000) of settlements without their base maps or with base maps that have lost their actuality. These maps will form the basis of all kinds of intrastructure building including urban development plans, water supply and sewage networks, stormwater drainage, electricity, telecommunication, natural gas, puplic works, expropriations, and road and land arrangements etc. in province and district centres and municipalities in the GAP Region.

When municipalities in need of base maps apply to the GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA), those appeals found resonable are contracted out or base mapping by the GAP RDA. The method followed in developing base maps can be either “terrestrial method” or “photogrammetrical method” depending upon the wide of the area to be mapped.  As far as larger areas are concerned, the second method is more economical in terms of saving, cost, time and labour.

At present, mapping work is carried out in line with the “Regulation on Large Scale Mapping and Mapping Information” which took effect on 23 June 2005 with the decision 2005/9070 of The Council of Ministers after necessary restructuring was made in the light of technological advances and emerging needs. Under the same regulation mentioned above, mapping work is also carried out in line with the ITRF 96 Coordinate System (International Reference Network as updated in 1996).

GAP RDA had 192 base maps of all municipalities done in the GAP Region.  So far the GAP RDA completed base maps covering an area of 328.047 hectares related to  192  mapping works and the following:

  1. Diyarbakır Treatment Plant Area
  2. Midyat (Mardin) Treatment Plant Area
  3. Siverek (Şanlıurfa) Treatment Plant Area
  4. Bismil (Diyarbakır) Shore Edge Line
  5. Harran University Campus Area
  6. Şanlıurfa International Airport Area
  7. Şanlıurfa International Airport Area (Complementary)
  8. Acırlı (Midyat – Mardin) Elet Location, Project for Site Arrangements Around a Tomb
  9. Antic City of Zeugma, Temporary Site for Museum
  10.  Siirt Organised Animal Husbandry District
  11.  Halfeti (Şanlıurfa) Shore Edge Line
  12.  Mardin Organised Industrial District
  13.  Nemrut Mountain Tumulus Area and Nearest Site
  14.  Polateli Organised Industrial District
  15.  Birecik Dam Lake Asagicardak Recreation Area

The GAP RDA also examined and approved the following map works contracted out to firms:

  1. İkiköprü (Batman) Settlement Area
  2. Diyarbakır (Center) Organised Industrial Area
  3. Ziyaret (Siirt) Settlement Area
  4. Siirt (Center) Housing for Natural Disaster Victims Area (Complementary)
  5. Gölpınar (Şanlıurfa) Picnic – Recreation Area
  6. Akçakale (Şanlıurfa) Settlement Area (Complementary + Revision)
  7. Bismil – Köseli Village (Diyarbakır) Factory Site
  8. Batman (Center) Organised Industrial Area
  9. Siirt (Center) Organised Industrial Area
  10. Akçakale (Şanlıurfa) Settlement Area
  11. Mardin (Center) Cement Factory Area
  12. Akabe (Şanlıurfa), SS EVREN Small Industrial Sites
  13. Ceylanpınar (Şanlıurfa) Settlement Area

The related map works have been carrying out, according to the “Technical Cooperate Protocol” dated 08.07.2010 between GAP RDA and Iller Bank (General Directorate of Provincial Bank).


Updated: 15 January 2020